Little Faces Chilcare are sponsoring Glon and Banda to get an education in Malawi!

We are supporting work in Malawi through 'Changing Stars' Malawi charity. This is enabling children to attend school and gain a much needed education - something our children are blessed to have without thinking about.

Here are the photos of the two children Little Faces have sponsored. Their names are Glon Banda, a boy aged 6 years and Gertrude Sample, a girl aged 10 years.

The school system is complicated in Malawi. Some primary schools are free but these will be classes of 250+ children being taught under a tree. Chitsanzo school is a smaller private school that parents have to pay for the child to attend but the classes are limited to around 60 children. We will be covering the cost of two children attending thanks to your help as parents as many parents in Malawi cannot afford to pay.

We will be paying for each child's term fees and buying each child a school uniform, which is being made by a dressmaker in the village, thus giving them work too. Finally each family will receive a full bag of maize this year. The cost of this has doubled since last year, due to the monsoons and bad rains this year, so we may not be able to do this every year but we have committed to do so this year.

As part of the project, the charity have also purchased 570 books for Chitsanzo as they had only around 30 curriculum books for the whole school and they were very old and out of date. They plan to continue to invest in more books next year until the school has enough books for each child to have one. For this year they will continue to share. At Chitsanzo we have also provided funds for the roof for three new classrooms, for the cement to make the flooring safe, and for the painting of those three classrooms. This will help considerably with the younger children as they can get out of the sun for their lessons.

If you would like further information please check out the Changing Stars Malawi facebook page.


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